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快乐天使@ 南顺俱乐部(Lam Soon CC)

活动名称:《快乐天使Happy Angel
地点:Lam Soon CC Dancing Studio
参与人数:about 55
参与者收费:@$2 (collected by Lam Soon CC)
Reported by:
Submitted on: 24-6-2007



暖身与自我激励:欢笑瑜伽;Yam Sheng;我很棒!加油加油!我是快乐天使!
舞蹈:Lasasayang、叉烧包、老鼠爱大米、Agogo/ 扇子舞
深层呼吸法 Deeper breathing

众参与者的回馈feedback from the elderly participants



宝珠回馈 feedback from Jane



Name of Activity: Happy Angel

Venue: Lam Soon CC Dancing Studio

Date: 24-6-2007

Time: 10.30am – 12.15pm

Facilitators: Jane and Lang Kheng

Maximum number of participants: 55

Cost of Activity: $2 per participant (collected by Lam Soon CC)

 Contents of Activity:

 News updates, Current Affairs, Photo-sharing; FAQ on ageing issues, Self examination of Alzheimer’s Disease, Games, Songs and Dance 

  • PowerPoint presentation and motivational talk
  • Warm up and self encouragement: “Laughter Yoga” and “Cheers to being a Happy Angel”
  • Games: Moving and Stopping
  • Songs: Medley of famous songs (Hokkien, Thai and Chinese)
  • Dance: Various forms of dance that will make you twitch over in laughter
  • Breathing Methods: Deep inhalation and exhalation
  • Self Reflection Exercise
  • Celebration of the formation of Lam Soon Happy Angel Club

 Feedback from Participants “All thanks to Jane and Lang Kheng for the opportunity to participate in such an activity that allows me to learn new things!” “I am elated (for the time spent in this programme) and in fact, extremely happy!” “I really felt good about myself today!” “Well, I really felt the session was too short, can we have more such activities in the future?” “I met many new friends today; it was indeed a terrific programme.”   Words from Mr Tan Soon Hoe, Chairman of Lam Soon Senior Citizen Executive Committee: “My committee and I were discussing about organizing a programme for the senior citizens. As the chairman of the committee, the first person I thought of was Jane. I had utmost confidence in her! I have to thank Jane personally for making all this possible, allowing everyone to have so much fun. It is my pleasure to see the “Happy Angel Club” formed at Lam Soon.”  Words from Jane, Happy Angel Facilitator: “Most of the participants have plenty of initiative and strong sense of participation. I believe that with appropriate guidance, all of them have the potential to be perfect spokesman and spokeswomen for the “Happy Angel Club”.” 19th November 2006 was the first time I conducted lessons at Lam Soon Community Centre. There were more than thirty senior citizens involved in the “Laughter Yoga” game, of which most of them had plenty of fun, laughter and entertainment. Mr Tan Soon Hoe, Chairman of the Lam Soon Senior Citizen Executive Committee and Mdm Ng Chai Koon, Deputy Constituency Manager of Keat Hong CO were extremely helpful to my tenure at Lam Soon. Mdm Ng even brought her husband to help me out with the presentation and sound system. Both of them joined in with the programme and had plenty of fun with the games I had in store for the participants. Today, they remain steadfast to their passion and enthusiasm for the community. My success so far in forming this club must be credited to my two friends. Even as grassroots leaders, their humility and unassuming nature during the preparation and execution period of the “Happy Angel Club” really made an impression on me. Without their help in leading the pack, I believe it would have been impossible for me to fulfill my dream of forming the “Happy Angel Club”.”



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