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爱 – Love

特殊孩子的妈妈June20年来无微不至、无怨无悔地照顾着天生残障的女儿,她的故事,感动了许多人,最近,u 频道已经开始拍摄她的故事,希望让更多人了解June是如何熬过这20年?如何成为这个特殊孩子的天使妈妈?


我告诉June,我将以特别的方法,传达她的意愿。在得到她的同意之下,她和女儿的照片和她所抒写长达4页的生命故事,被我引用在辅导和工作坊中,让更多人从她的真情分享中,领悟到生命的真谛。感化院的孩子们听完我的叙述之后,红着眼眶对我说:“我觉得自己很幸福,我应该好好珍惜自己和身边的人,好好孝顺父母,不要再做对不起他们的事了。请你转告June 阿姨,说我很佩服她那么勇敢,她真是一个伟大的妈妈,我希望她继续加油,我祝福她健康开心。”

当我把孩子们的祝福转告June 时,她很是感动,也很开心知道感化院里的孩子们因她的故事而有所领悟。

今天的老人活动里,我向100多个参与者介绍June和她女儿的故事,也把之前我交代June 做好的装绿豆的汽水罐道具,送给乐龄朋友,那些马来乐龄朋友也拿着那些汽水罐拍照,我将把这些照片打印出来送到June 的家里,让她从照片中来参与我的乐龄事工,我相信,当她看到照片中那些乐龄朋友们,开心地拿着那些罐子在唱歌跳舞时,她一定能够感受到大家的喜乐。

若想知道更多关于June 的心情故事,请点击右边分类栏目YouTube-视频

Mother June has a special child. She takes care of her painstakingly for the past 20 years. Her disabled daughter, her story, has moved many people. Channel U begins to shoot a documentary about her recently. I hope more people will come to know about how June has tolerated these hard 20 years, about how she becomes the angel mother of this special child.

I admired June’s willpower and selfless mother love. Whenever we meet, she would want to join in my senior citizens works. But she needs to take care of her daughter every 24 hours, how to fulfill her wish? She also wants to share her own stories with those kids in the reform centres, to let them understand that despite her own daughter’s misfortune, she has to keep on moving with life. That is, the kids ought to cherish their own lives too, learn to be a good young people.

I told June, I am going to relay her wishes in some special ways. With her consent, I am going to use her daughter’s photos and her 4 full pages of life essays, in my counselling and work related projects, so that more people are aware of her sharing of real incidents and understand the passion of lifes. When those reform centre kids have listened to my narration, they hold their tears and told me: “I felt that I am fortunate, I should have treasure myself and the people around me. I have to show fillial obedience to my parents and never disappoint them again. Can you help me to pass a message to Auntie June, tell her that I really admire her courages, she is a great mother, I want to cheer on her, I wish her happy and healthy.”

When I passed the kids messages to June, she is touched. She is pleased that the kids in the reform centre are able to comprehend from her story.

At the old folks activity today, I introduced the story of June and her daughter to more than 100 participants. I gave away the beans collecting cans to the old friends too, the cans were assigned to June and she made many of them. Those malay senior friends took some pictures with the cans too. I printed the photos and sent them to June. She could help out with the senior citizens works at home then. I believe, when June sees the photos of the senior friends, happily holding the cans as they sing and dance, she could feel the happiness around her.

For more stories about the life of June, may view them at



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