Posted by: happyangelclub | 六月 20, 2008

Project Henderson & York Hill- May & Jun08







Happy Angels everywhere, everywhere Happy AngelsTranslated by Ronald Quek-

Who would want to remain old and lonely for the rest of his life if he does not have difficulties?

Three months ago, I met this 92 years old a-mah who lives by herself. She didn’t smile, she observed me quietly,looking when I took some pictures with other old folks while playing with them. When I approached her to join us in the photo taking, she shouted loudly in hokkien language: “No! I don’t want! Take picture for what?” She headed home upon receiving her share of grocery, without another word.
Three months later, a-mah opens her arms today. She is willing to take pictures and chat with people. She has gracious smiles across her face. She can talk cheerfully and humourously when the volunteers visit her.
When a-mah is happy, everyone is happy too.
The secret of making the old folks to open their hearts, is respect, patience, love and empathy. Once we win their trusts, we will be able to break the ice with the old folks. They will accept your kind intentions, walk out of their small dark closet, and come downstairs to take part in the activities.



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