Posted by: happyangelclub | 十二月 17, 2008

I see I think I write on Miss Tan

At the evening of 6th December 2008, I passed the foodstuffs to the elderly at York Hill, after that I went to Kreta Ayer area.

Then, I saw a familiar shadow of an old lady, she was pushing a cart filled with cardboard papers. I approached her to say hello, and I confirmed that she is the one who appeared on Zaobao on 23rd November, the leading lady of the report on “Garang Guni”. I saw the news reports before, I admired the independent character of this 88 years old ah-ma. I get a chance to meet her in person now, I can feel more proud of her.
She told me, she would collect the cardboards all over the place everyday. The cardboards could fetch a good price previously, but the price has since dropped drastically, she couldn’t earn much from a day’s hard works.The time was 7.30pm, I asked ah-ma whether she has eaten her dinner? She answered no. I then asked whether she would like to have a packet of rice and some dried food.

“Thanks, if you want to give me, I’ll take it.” She said politely.

“Don’t mention it, they are from a samaritan named Miss Tan. She requests me to distribute the foodstuffs to the old folks.

“Please help me to say thanks to Miss Tan then. I feel so ashamed, I do not know who she is. I cannot hear clearly, you really have to send my thanks to Miss Tan.” Ah-ma expressed her gratitude in Cantonese.

We bid farewell in the midst of thanks.  I asked for ah-ma’s address before I left, so that I can call on her again.

Next, I paid a visit to the two families staying in the west. These 2 great mothers, painstakingly looking after their special needs children for so many years. I discovered the meaning of great love sacrifices from them. They accepted the foodstuffs and reminded me times and again: “Please help us to say thanks to Miss Tan, wish that she is healthy and beautiful forever. Although we do not know who she is, but, her philanthropic act, we could feel the deepest love and care within.
I parted with these 2 great mothers in a sea of gratitudes and thanks.

Who is Miss Tan? Many of us do not get a chance to meet her, and maybe we would not get to see her forever. However, she is an active and initiative enough to share her love and care behind all the old folks at York Hill and Henderson. I am very sure that Miss Tan will be happy to know that her love is now not only sharing within York Hill and Henderson but also elsewhere which include the caregivers.

New year is approaching, Miss Tan has arranged to send out the new year delicacies and Hongbao to the old folks. It is not important to know who is this Miss Tan, it is more important to have many Miss Tans within our society.

Translated by Ronald Quek



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