Posted by: happyangelclub | 二月 18, 2009

红山可怜母子 (27/1/09 新明日报)





Poor family from Bukit Merah

Reunion dinner for a family of six.

One vege dish and one bowl of soup cost not more than $10.

Mr Lee (Age 41) passed away suddenly in his dream on 28.12.08.

Mrs Lee (Age 38) has 5 children age 1 to 12. No festive mood at home. She got helps from some readers of Shin Min Daily, got through the crisis, she appreciates the help from them.

Mrs Lee made buttons for a living, gets a monthly salary of $500 to feed a family of six. She has applied for welfare aids through CDC, is awaiting for their approval, but she can survive the basic needs.

At Henderson this morning to do some old folks activities, when I distribute the food items, an old lady brought along a child, asked me for an extra packet of rice. She wants to let the child to have it. The old lady told me that the child has 4 brothers at home, their father has passed away.


I gave the old lady the food pack, rice and some red packets, asked her to pass them to this family for me. I copied down the address, handed them my name card and passed the message that I will visit them one of these days.


I have the hobby of newspaper cutting. In my mind, I remembered I have come across this piece of news. When I returned home, I flipped through my newspapers cutting, and I confirmed it is she! When I first know about this family, I feel sorry about their plight, and I hope to get to meet Mrs Lee from my

<Happy angel > activity.

今天透过她的邻居而能够将善心人陈小姐和其家族的美意传播给这个有需要的家庭,我内心是无比的高兴。我传简讯给陈小姐,向她禀报。好心的陈小姐,迫不及待 回复:你快点去拜访她,查看她需要什么?最重要是那个小孩有没有吃足够的奶粉?有没有按时打针?。。。。如果需要,你帮我安排诊疗所给她打针,我转帐进 去医生的户口,如果小孩要玩具或是一些益智游戏也行,让他们玩得聪明点。。。。。。。

With the help from Mrs Lee’s neighbour, I am able to pass this goodwill gesture of Miss Tan and her family, to Mrs Lee today, I felt very honoured and happy deep inside. I send an SMS to Miss Tan, to report about this. The good Samaritan Miss Tan replied me at once :”Please go pay her a visit quickly, see what she needs? Most importantly, does the child get enough milk powder? Didn’t miss his injection? ….If possible, you help me to arrange a clinic for him to get injection, I will transfer the funds into the doctor’s account. If the children need toys or some creative games, go ahead to buy them, let them become smarter through games….”


Miss Tan, think of others first whenever whatever. She always touched my heart. Thank you. Miss Tan and also your family.




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