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Active ageing proposal-《活跃乐龄活动建议》

Active ageing proposal-《活跃乐龄活动建议

By Jane Lim – English & Chinese final edition on 5-1-2011 ( Please note that Point 21 is the most important point.)

All the active ageing elderly programme & articles can be found at the below Web and Videos :

(注:本文于11-8-2007 传致民情组、林文兴部长、林瑞生部长、余福金主席、李显龙总理)

(Note: This text was sent on 11/8/2007 to the focus group, Minister Lim Boon Heng, Minister Lim Swee Say, Chairman Gerard Ee, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong )


Foreword: Because the focus group’s dialogue on 31/7/2007 was limited in duration and many elderly actively gave feedback, the observations that follow were not able to be put forwarded that night, and after some organization I present them here for consideration. Some of the valuable insights that were contributed by the elderly that night will not be repeated in the following text.


To set aside land to build a rent-free, red-tape free, open and free “Elderly skills exhibition”, in order to let those elderly over 55 years of age to make handicrafts on the spot, or to display the handicrafts that they had made at home for sale, in order to earn living expenses for themselves. STB can help to publicize this market, attract people (especially tourists) to come and buy these souvenirs. The “Elderly skills exhibition” can also have artistic performances by the elderly (e.g. song and dance, dramatic performances, painting, calligraphy, speeches, chess competitions etc.); social workers who look after the elderly can also hold talks in this space. In this way, this would let unemployed elderly all over the island to always have a space where they can spend their leisure time, where they can learn and at the same time earn money, and where they can solve their unemployment problems. Also, hopefully this will aid some of the elderly who have dementia or depression; this would minimize the incidences of elderly passing away alone in their homes. As a result, this would lower social costs.


Encourage those educated elderly to participate in a “Toastmasters society”, because this organization with over 80 years of history has a very comprehensive learning system that can allow the elderly to actively learn daily, preserve their energy and strive for a competitive target. They can participate in the annual “?” open competition; because competition is intense and places are limited, I therefore propose the setting up of a “Lee Hsien Loong cup elderly speech contest” specially for the elderly. This would allow contest winners (at least 20 winners) to gain a trophy and prize money. (PM Lee has previously suggested using his salary increase for charitable purposes; I suggest that he consider donating a portion of his salary to be the prize money for this contest). The trophy and the prize money will be a form of affirmation and recognition for the elderly; for those elderly who have never dared to go on stage, and for those elderly who have never received any type of prize, this is a great affirmation. The prize money will go a long way towards meeting the financial needs of these elderly.



Encourage charitable organizations that represent different faiths and grassroots organizations to work closely together to organize activities, solicit diverse viewpoints, consolidate their combined knowledge, prioritize the welfare of the elderly; besides continuing their present activities, they should organize more team activities and classes on the subject of self growth, so as to strengthen the ability of the elderly to deal with and solve problems, to raise their resilience, and to make the elderly more open and carefree, so as to reduce the number of elderly suicides.



Psychology research has shown that negative psychological influences cause ageing. Therefore we need to constantly promote positive psychological influences. The media should not negatively label the elderly; instead the media should actively promote “caring for today’s elderly is caring for oneself in the future” and the idea of “live happily, die well”. Reach’s latest magazine cover picture seriously portrayed the elderly in a negative light. The meaning of “elderly” has changed today as a result of medical advances; 70 years of age is not unusual, 80 is not rare, 90 is common. Strengthening positive psychological work is of great importance; when one reaches 50 one should be viewed as just starting the second chapter of one’s life, and is considered young.


5.大力推广美国老人学权威在美国成功推展了20多年的的项目:《GAB-Guided Autobiography-精彩人生-我的生命故事》,我个人以华语和不同方言带领了几个这类团体,虽然参与者的背景各不相同,有从贫困的独居乐龄人士到生活富裕的乐龄人士,更有经验丰富的社工和辅导员,从他们的回馈中,应证了我的观察和体会,那就是,参与这个团体活动的人,无论有钱没钱,有知识没知识,他们的收获和所得到的心灵成长,同样让人感动和鼓舞。团体的力量不可藐视。对于私人住宅的乐龄人士,如果其中一户人家愿意主动开放家居,就可以举办这样的团体活动,这样,这群乐龄朋友,就不会被忽略了。详情请向MCYS, Wings and Tsao Foundation请示。

Actively promoting gerontology in the US has led to the successful launch of a 20 year long program in the US: “GAB-Guided Autobiography – wonderful life – my life story”. I personally used Chinese and different dialects to lead a few of these participant groups, although these participants came from different backgrounds – poor and wealthy elderly, experienced social workers and counselors – their feedback led me to the observation and realization that participants in these group activities, regardless of whether they had money, whether they had knowledge, their benefits and psychological growth made were such as to move observers to celebrate with them. The power of groups should not be underestimated. For those elderly who were living in private residences, if one of them were willing to open his/her house, the group could organize activities. In such a manner, this group of elderly would not be neglected. For details, please consult MCYS, Wings and Tsao Foundation.


6.提倡《流动活动-Mobile Preventive and Development Programme—Mobile PDP》的概念,免费开放社区的大亭子,无须向市政理事会申请或付费,让团体或个人为乐龄人士举办活动,让更多行动不便的乐龄人士从家里走出来,轻易地参与楼下的活动,而无须周车劳累跑到老远的乐龄中心参与活动。活动和讲座以让乐龄人士积极参与为主,而非被动性的。详情请参阅《林珍流动工作站》之《快乐天使俱乐部》:

The idea of promoting “Mobile PDP”, opening public spaces and shelters for free without having to apply to the town council or pay rent, in order to let groups or individuals organize activities for the elderly, thereby letting more elderly come out from their houses, easily participate in activites at the void deck, and avoid having to make their way to faraway elderly centers in order to participate in the activities there. Activities and lectures will motivate the elderly to voluntarily participate, instead of being cajoled into participating. For more details please browse “Jane’s mobile workspace” and the “Happy Angel Club”:



Let the newspapers, television and radio stations are providing free and timely publicity concerning elderly activities. Television stations can broadcast dialect programs, thereby letting illiterate elderly feel a sense of familiarity. (Actually dialect is useful for Chinese pronunciation; when those who understand dialect speak Chinese, they will be more accurate. Therefore, please do not be concerned that dialect programs will lower the ability of the young to speak Chinese. At train stations and public spaces, please provide signs in Chinese, so as to aid those elderly who do not understand English.


8.MP定时向国会报告区内的乐龄活动,各区之间也互相交流学习彼此做得不错的活动,还可以彼此借助资源,这样,受益的将是更多乐龄朋友。加强慈善机构和基层组织所办活动的评估方式,务必以感染力和价值性为主。MCYS, NCSS,活跃乐龄理事会,人民协会(PA)四方可一起合作,成立一个独立的《评估团》,不定时下乡访问活动参与者,获取回馈,也可要求主办活动的机构,提供活动录像带及参与者名单等,以便《评估团》进一部跟进和提升各项活动的水准,而决定是否要继续资助该团体或活动?(评估和不定时向受惠的乐龄朋友直接收取意见是必要的。)

MPs should punctually report to parliament concerning elderly activities in their constituencies. Various constituencies should exchange best practices and pool resources, in order to better benefit the elderly. MPs should seek to improve the ways in which charity networks and grassroots organizations engage in elderly activities in such, such as to increase the appeal and value of such activities. MCYS, NCSS, the active ageing council, PA can work together to implement an independent evaluating body that can interview elderly participants at intervals, solicit feedback, and collect data from the organizations that plan these activities – video footage of activities or participant namelists etc. – so that the evaluating body can improve the standard of elderly activities, and decide if funding should be continued for these organizations or activities. (Evaluating and interviewing elderly beneficiaries at interviews in order to solicit feedback is essential).



Encourage counselors and family service center social workers to go down to the ground more, engage poor families and elderly more deeply, and give them emotional support. Counsellors should also be encouraged to aid the grassroots, develop social workers and grassroots workers, help them grasp basic counseling skills, so that they will have the capabilities to engage in basic elderly counseling. Making door-to-door elderly counseling a popular thing is necessary.. For those elderly social workers who have received training and counseling certification, when they perform house visits, they should receive at least $10 an hour pay. Also, under the exchange activities scheme, when the elderly travel to other areas to give motivational speeches, performances, and share their personal experiences, they should receive some form of renumeration so as to allow them to realize their self-worth. The money that they receive will help them to meet their daily expenses, but can also be used as tuition fees. In this way, they can continually learn, share and earn; everyone will be able to pursue a life-long learning goal. When everyone works together, society will be energized. Self-esteem is built when people have confidence in the value of their own lives, is continually working, constantly affirming one’s own life value, and not letting old age get to them!



Construct more furniture at void decks (especially in areas where a number of elderly congregate), so as to facilitate the elderly gathering to chat, and construct more tables for chess so that the elderly can play; this would help the elderly avoid sitting at home and getting elderly diseases and dementia etc.



In order to ensure a completely barrier-free public space, every housing block should have a lift; roads and other buildings should follow barrier-free space. guidelines, so as to facilitate the movement of the elderly.




To implement as soon as possible the “Counsellor, Social Worker and Senior Citizens’ Activity Planner” separate certification system. This is so as to encourage individually experienced Senior Citizens’ Activity Planners to initiate the organising of activities for senior citizens in their area, without being affiliated to any charitable organisation, so as to encourage the flourishing of a variety of activities.

Of note, some existing Senior Citizens’ Activity Planners possess rich experience but do not have university degrees. On the other hand, those who hold university degrees or higher certifications do not have sufficient practical experience. There is a gap in this which is worth the attention of policy-makers.

In working with the elderly, how do we establish relationships with them? How do we help them in an effective and practical manner? This requires great skill. Personal characteristics are also important – possessing a university degree does not necessarily mean that you can take on the task.

Recommending that for all Family Service Centres (FSCs), Community Development Councils (CDCs), charitable organisations, Seniors Activity Centres, grassroot organisations and other groups, whenever they hold any activities for senior citizens, that they at least hire a Senior Citizen Activity Planner with at least 3 years or more practical and relevant work experience. Those in charge at FSCs and CDCs must definitely be loving people who do not discriminate against the elderly. The staff of these organisations who come into contact with the less fortunate elderly must be able to speak dialects, so as to communicate with the elderly. There have been young social workers and senior-level social workers honestly expressing to me that they are unable and unwilling to do things for the elderly, because they do not know how to speak dialects and because they believe themselves to have no patience.

Recommending that the 30 plus Family Service Centres across the island establish a Senior Citizens’ department, with a team of personnel specialising in organising activities for senior citizens.

13. 发掘乐龄人士的内在潜能,为他们设立目标,让他们看到希望,一年最少一次搞一个“乐龄大舞台”,让全岛乐龄人士展现才华,以付费的方式聘请他们来表演、来演讲等。让他们有机会成为专家,成为讲员、成为导师。

Develop the potential of the elderly, set targets for them, let them see hope, at least once a year an “Elderly talentime” should be organized, so as to let elderly from all over the country exhibit their talents, and these elderly should be paid to perform, speak etc. at the talentime. Let them have the opportunity to be an expert, a speaker, and a teacher.


14. 《涂涂写写》是心灵治疗,因此鼓励乐龄人士写博客或在报章发表心声,将让他们找到抒发的管道。将博客连接到世界各地的乐龄博客网,让乐龄朋友彼此交流,不与全球化脱轨。定期出版乐龄通讯,鼓励乐龄人士投稿并付给合理的稿费。

“Creative writing” is a form of psychological therapy, and it encourages the elderly to blog or to express their views in the news, so as to let them find an outlet for their emotions. When elderly bloggers make contact with bloggers from other networks around the world, this provides a means of communication and exchange for them, so that they will not be disconnected from the rest of the world. Publicity should be carried out to encourage the elderly to blog for an appropriate fee.


15. 游戏、欢笑瑜伽、音乐与舞蹈也是一种心灵治疗的方式,要大力提倡并鼓励。

Games, laugh yoga, music and dance is a form of psychological therapy, and should be strongly promoted and encouraged.


16. 尽快提升人口中20%的低收入者的生活,拉近贫富悬殊的距离,把现有的援助金从290元提高到400元,对于这些老弱贫困而无法工作者,如果没有解决基本的生活费,又将如何企望他们无后顾之忧,积极参与活动以保持活跃?如何轻轻松松快乐起来呢?

Improve the standard of living for the 20% of people in the lowest income bracket, reduce income inequality, and raise existing financial aid from 290 to 400 dollars. For the elderly and destitute who cannot work, if they are not able to meet basic living expenses, how can we hope for them to actively participate in activities and maintain their liveliness with peace of mind? How can they be happy and carefree?


17. 制定一套有效的“伦理道德”守则,让从事乐龄工作的义工和职员遵守。因为一些乐龄人士和儿童一样,是需要被保护的。我们必须开除目前所有不合格的义工和职员,改而让那些合格者来提升乐龄活动的素质。

Implement an effective “ethics” code for social workers and volunteers in charge of the elderly to abide by. Because some elderly are like children and need protection. We have to fire the social workers and volunteers that do not meet these standards, and improve those who do so as to raise the quality of efforts for the elderly.


18. 鼓励乐龄人士、义工、乐龄活动策划员定期开会交流,更积极更主动地由下而上,告诉执政者应该如何更好制定乐龄政策?

Encourage the elderly, volunteers, elderly activity organizers etc. to start dialogues, so that there will be positive communication and feedback to aid policy makers in deciding how best to implement policies concerning the elderly.


19. 基层员工也和慈善团体的职员一起到NCSS上晋升课程和开会,这样大家才更能够紧密合作,将最好的活动带给乐龄人士。

Grassroots workers and staff in charity organizations should go to NCSS for upgrading training and to hold combined meetings; in this way everyone can work more closely together to organise the best activities for the elderly.


20. 各个官方机构(HDB、PUB、LTA、MOH、社理会、市政理事会等)主动而积极地合作,排除官僚作风,方可提高工作效率,为乐龄人士寻求福祉。

Different government organizations (HDB, PUB, LTA, MOH, CDCs, town councils etc.) to actively take the initiative to work together, eliminate bureaucracy, improve working efficiency, thereby benefiting the elderly.



NCSS/MCYS should set up a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation system, one that keeps the identity of complainants confidential – this system should ensure that the performance of all CEOs and high level administrators of charity organizations should be linked to government financial aid. If the management of these charity organizations is not performing, then the government should reduce the following year’s budget. At present such a set of rules to not exist; some of the operations and performance of existing organizations do not meet the required standards. Some administrators act according to their individual rights and preferences, and do not care about the self-esteem and needs of the poor and destitute. The government gives financial aid out of goodwill, and the people should have the right to ask how this aid is being used. Is it truly benefitting those who need the aid most?



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