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By Jane –

Happy Angel video : … 77EC5651&page=2

借用科技之便,我们的长者们通过网络视频,走上国际舞台,和大家分享他们一生中的喜怒哀乐大事记。请各位告诉大家,有这样的一个网站 … 77EC5651&page=2

(注:请大家开启第一至第三页,将来将有更多页数。这个网站的概念,来自一个88岁的温婆婆,她告诉我说,在她去世之前,她很想让我再带她上台演讲和唱 歌。所以,我于12/7/09带她到德义区的一个社区活动上台亮相,她好开心。我期盼将来能够做得更多,在得到当事人的同意之下,把类似讲演会和GAB的 一部分工作坊内容,都上载到这个网站,和更多的朋友们分享。)
长者话当年:河水山大火(福建) memories of elderly – Bukit Ho Swee Fire ( Hokkien)
Songs of Elderly (长者之歌)- 1 (94yrs) Teochew
Memories of Elderly (长者回忆录)1 (97yrs)
Voices of Elderly (长者心声)88yrs – (华语)
一位激励人心的盲人- Inspiring blind elderly


I am very happy to announce: The Singapore Elderly Youtube
Our elderly make use of the IT technology, through the internet webcam, share their important life stories with everybody. Please pass this message across, there is this website … 77EC5651&page=2

If you have old folks at home, please invite them to see 94 years old Grandma Huang sings Teochew songs, how 88 years old Grandma Wen overcomes herself and gives a lecture on stage. And also, there are many stories which may revoke the memories of many old people during the past fire disaster at Bukit Ho Swee.

How can an old folk who stays by himself keeps himself active and find happiness in his life? How to preserve old age? How to keep life going? Let’s hear these old folks tell the answers.

There are many more such elderly stories to share. Please log onto this website, and cheer with our elderly!

Thank you for your participation.

(Note: Please turn to Page 1 to 3, there will be many more in the future. The idea of this website actually came from the 88 years old Grandma Wen. She told me, she hopes that before her departure, I could bring her on stage, to speak and to sing. That’s why, I brought her to a community activity at Teck Ghee constituency on 12th July. She was very happy. I hope I can do more of that in future. With the approval of the concerned party, I will upload the speech sharing and GAB workshop summary onto this website, to share with friends like you.)

Translated by Ronald Quek



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