Posted by: happyangelclub | 十月 3, 2009

Who is the judges? 谁才是判官?

By Jane Lim-林宝珠 3-10-2009

I went to Janlan Kukok visited some of the elderly staying in the one room rental flats. Here are the elderly’s real feedbacks to their MP Dr. Lily Neo:

*She is really a good MP. She cares for the old people very much. She came to our house and visited us. She even bought two new cloths to some of the elderly during the Chinese New Year time.

When I walked around at Boon Lay, many residents feedback:

*Our MP Ms Ho Gek Choo is very busy. It is very difficult to meet her. There was one time many residents wanted to meet her to discuss on the HDB big matters, all of them waited so long and finally everyone was very angry.

When I visited other elderly staying in the one room and two rooms rental flats at Toa Payoh , Red Hill,Bukit Merah View, York Hill, China Town etc………Here are the elderly’s general feedbacks of their service providers (SAC-Seniors Activity Centre / RC/CCC/Volunteers / donors etc) :

* The staffs / volunteers /donors are very caring to us. They are so good and so kind to us. We thank you very much. The SAC staffs and volunteers brought us to many places. If without them, we will never have a chance to visit all the nice places.

*Some volunteers and staffs of the SAC no good. No respect to the old folks. They are very fierce to scold the elderly. Don’t distribute the food to the elderly even the donors donate many things to them. We don’t want to complaint but last month there were few elderly went to complaint to the management of the agency. Now good to see that the two staffs were replaced by another two new staffs. The two new staffs now very kind and show respect to the elderly.

Most elderly do have very sensitive and true feeling to tell you who are the nice and caring person to them. So,they are the best person who can judge the services provider.








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