Posted by: happyangelclub | 十月 14, 2009

Counselling the Elderly

It is common that among elderly people they have a lack of self-confidence, but yet are concerned about their ageing appearance. The more willing the elderly are willing to learn new things, the stronger their mental constitution becomes. When an elderly person chooses to maintain the status quo in his life, he is actually regressing, and falling behind in modern society. This could lead to low self-esteem, a lack of courage and a loss of confidence, potentially resulting in psychological problems arising.

As such, it is very important that elderly people learn new things.

*As elderly people grow distant from their children, they begin to suspect that their children are not filial. Often, they cannot forget the role that they used to play in the past as parents.

*What the elderly need most is for people to communicate with them, to have support from society and personal companionship. This forms the basis of counselling skills for the elderly.

How do we boost the psychological health of the elderly?

  1. Help the elderly draw on their past experiences to become a ‘consultant’, not just a ‘doer’ like in the past. The elderly often easily become targets for criticism; the best is to communicate face-to-face with their relatives once or twice.
  2. Encourage the elderly to become social workers, and interview other elderly people in society, helping them to become active as well. Being active can help to improve the interpersonal interactions of the elderly.
  3. Try encouraging the elderly to accept their own external appearance. Counsellors can use a narrative descriptive method, for example : ” I feel that your face has a distinctive appearance, just like xx superstar…..So cool! You must have been really great last time……”

    4.Change the elderly person’s lifestyle, ‘bluff’ them into actively engaging in a small activity, and gradually build up from there.

    5.The elderly sometimes lose track of time, thus they end up doing the same thing repeatedly.

    6. Sometimes, counsellors can act as simpletons in front of the elderly. By timely holding of the elderly person’s hand, the elderly person will feel that the counsellor is very warm and welcoming, and has a kind heart. One must ‘play games’ ‘with the elderly.

    7. Guide the elderly in not losing their direction in life (there are many similar experiences in life.)



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