Posted by: happyangelclub | 十月 16, 2009

From REACH :

Dear All,

I thank you all of you here to concern of this Thread.

In regardless of what type of posts you have posted here, I knew that these are all of your efforts in writing to achieve a better society with quality life for everyone.

As for the staffs of SWCDC, I am impressed that they are willing to open their heart to listen to all of the complaints and finally showed their sincerity to achieve professional quality services.
My sincere thanks to the team of SWCDC.

I apologized if anyone here found me being too harsh into this matter. I started this Thread and I am now ending it with this post and will move forward with the benefits of those we can in help  to them.

There are other topics at the Reach Discussion Corner which may need all of the Reach Contributors to voice out their views so as to help the policies makers to perform better. I do believe that our voices are being heard at REACH.

Thanks REACH to provide such a communication platform for us.

Once again, thanks and regards to everyone. Greatly appreciate it.






Jane Lim



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