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78yrs old elderly was hurt on Bus 145-老妇在巴士上跌倒受伤!

By Jane 13-11-2009

(Police report no. T/20091110/9005)

If you are one of the passengers of this incident, kindly write and tell us what you have seen on that night?

Video :

Elderly Live Accident on SBS Bus 145 ( 1)

Elderly Live Accident on SBS Bus 145 (2)


On 6-11-2009 (Saturday) at about 10.25pm. Mdm Fung (78 yrs old) aboard a SBS bus number 145 in front of Amara Hotel at Tanjong Pagar Road. After she got on to the bus, it started moving. She found a seat which behind the driver. Before she could seat down properly the bus was making a right turn at a very fast speed. As she also has not seat down properly, the force was too strong and there also no handle for her to hold on to. Thus she fell from her seat and injured her left ear and bleeding seriously.

She wanted to note that the driver was making a false claim that she had already well seated in her seat and said that she fell on her own. She heard the driver called to the bus company and said that Mdm Fung fell down on her own. The driver even asked Mdm Fung whether she had any personal insurance or not? If yes he can note down the detail of the insurance. Mdm Fung was so pain at that moment and so angry of his careless driving attitude which caused her so pain and bleeding seriously.

She was later sent to the hospital (SGH) by ambulance. She was Sutured on her left ear and went home on 7-11-09 6am. But, when she reached home, at about 10am, she felt very pain of her left leg and can’t even stand up and move on. So she was admitted to SGH by ambulance again. She was discharged from SGH on 9-11-09 afternoon.

On 12-11-09 afternoon the doctor told her that her ear was still swollen thus can not do anything of the sutured part. Her next appointment with the doctor is 19-11-09. Mdm Fung told me that on 6-11-09, the doctor cut a small part of her ear to release the black blood if not in future she may need to cut off her whole left ear should there be any inflection.

I have contacted the staffs (Miss Kwong and Miss Shi) of SBS. They are unable to answer any of my questions. One of the question that I asked was the driver from China? Why I asked this question was because recently there were many passengers complaint about the China driver.

The other question that I asked Miss Shi was: will SBS give any compensation to Mdm Fung if it was the false of the driver?

No answer from Miss Shi due to the following reasons:

* I am a volunteer, SBS will only follow up with Mdm Fung or her daughter.

*This incident was under investigation. So SBS can not comment anything.

I told Miss Shi that according to ageing study, 1/3 of the elderly will die within one year if they fall down. There was an elderly stayed next block to Mdm Fung, she fell down and passed away after two weeks she admitted to SGH.

I have raised some ideas to Miss Shi for the safety of the passengers and for SBS to maintain their quality services.

I have an interviewed with Mdm Fung in Mandarin and Cantonese on 12-11-09. The video will be uploaded to the Happyangelclub youtube.


*Mdm Fung said that the staff of SBS did call her and visited her in the hospital. She said that the traffic police officer was so nice and showed very much concern of her when recording the statement with her.

*On 13-11-2009 (Friday) 5pm. Mdm Fung went to the CC to wait to meet her MP.
She got a number 15.

She waited till 8pm, A male helper of MP attended to her and listen to her carefully.
Mdm Fung was happy with his patient with her.

She was not able to meet the MP because there were more than 60 people waiting to meet the MP.


Latest update:

SBS agreed to Compensate Mdm Fung in $$$ which finally Mdm Fund accepted it.



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