Posted by: happyangelclub | 十一月 25, 2009

Can we have more friendly enviroment for the handicap people ? / 多关注残障人士的行动环境

Beside Bukit Merah NTUC entrance, there is a strong guy.

He is a handicap people selling big sweep here for more than 10 years. Sometime his big sweep and money were stolden by some bad guys who pretended to be customers buying big sweep from him but yet took away all the big sweep and ran away.

He is a strong guy. He thanks for other people who want to offer any help to him.
I asked him :” how do you go to the toilet?”
He said :” Oh, that is really a bit troublesome for me. Someone push me to the Bukit Merah bus interchange toilet.”

I said :” why go so far? is there any handicap toilet nearby ?”
He said :” There is one nearby at the Hawker centre but too small for my wheel chair to go in.”

I went to the handicap toilet last night and noticed that it was quite far from his place and it is not easy for him to push the wheel chair by himself.

But, if he has a electronic wheel chair. will it be better for him? If there is a big enough handicap toilet nearby him, will it change his 13 years troublesome which he needs to go to the toilet so far at the bus interchange? The Tanjong Pagar Town Council is just behind him. Is there any handicap toilet there?

When we are talking about having special pavement for cycling, do we also want to think about having handicap pavement? Let them using electronice wheelchair anytime by themselves. Let them have the opportunity to go everywhere by themselves. I believe it will brighten up their life.

It will be nice……………if…….

*all of the handicap people can own a electronic wheelchair and go everywhere easily anytime.
*The price of the wheelchair is affordable for every donor to sponsor the wheelchair for every handicap in Singapore.
* Our ministers may want to start to kick on of this project? one minister or one MP sponsor one electronic wheel chair for one handicap who need it? (it’s like an adoption project.)

More discussion at REACH :



  1. Dear Jane,

    Thank you for your posting.

    We have kept the relevant agency informed of your feedback. Please note that the need for a reply is assessed by the respective agency concerned and they will revert, where necessary.

    Ling (REACH Admin)


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