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Are MP/Minister/grassroot/Reporters/Staffs of MCYS ,NCSS & Vwo visit REACH?

By Jane

REACH’s admin always assure to the forumers  that REACH treasure our feedback very much. (Thanks REACH)

But, I am curious to find out are MP/Minister/grassroot/staffs of MCYS ,NCSS & Vwo  visit REACH?

These are the people who need to understand the real fact and hear the voices from the people. If they don’t even know what is REACH? How to log on to REACH?

Then, it only show that there is very serious communication problem within the govt.sectors.

REACH is set up by the GOVT. to reach out to the people. But yet if the above mentioned staffs not even border there is a forum call REACH. What does it show?

If want to REACH out to the people, must first reach out to the above staffs and volunteers.

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  1. Dear Jane,

    Thank you for your comments.

    As you rightly pointed out, REACH values all feedback received. When a substantial number of feedback is received on a particular issue, REACH will collate and send the relevant feedback in a timely manner to the relevant Ministers/Ministries for their consideration to implement and/or finetune policies.

    In Jan this year, the REACH platform was also appointed as the key Government e-engagement portal. All Government ministries and agencies are thus very much in tune with the work of REACH. We have been working with the ministries and agencies to encourage e-engagement on our REACH portal and in fact, REACH is currently collaborating with MOH to e-engage Singaporeans on the Healthcare Budget 2010. We have created a microsite to aggregate pertinent healthcare information and provide links to Minister Khaw Boon Wan’s blog so as to serve as a useful source of reference to assist our contributors in providing constructive and quality feedback. Over time, we are confident that we will see more ministries and agencies e-engaging and responding on the REACH website. The link to the microsite can be viewed as follows:

    REACH regularly collaborates with People’s Association, grassroots organisations and tertiary institutions to organise dialogue sessions on key Government initiatives. In addition, we also conduct online webchats, chaired by politicians and Members of Parliament, to engage Singaporeans on key issues of national concern. You may wish to refer to the links below to view such media releases, speeches and events for more information:

    link 1

    link 2

    To increase awareness of REACH, we have conducted roving exhibitions in the heartlands. However, we are mindful of the need to constantly engage all Singaporeans and we will continue to step up efforts to increase awareness of REACH.

    Thank you once again for your comments and we look forward to your continued participation.


    Ling, REACH Admin


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