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My request to Tanjong Pagar Town Council to suppport on Power supply & to build a Resident Corner

Happy Angel - BMV 117 & 123 - Photo Shoots - 12-12-2009

By Jane  12-12-2009

Happy Angel programme – 12-12-2009  BMV123/117

Sponsor by : Tan’s family & friends / Eddy Yap / JS Tan/Zion Christian Centre.

Voices from Jane:

Thanks all donors and volunteers for your great help. Greatly appreciate it.

Specially thanks Zion Christian Centre to  donate all the comfort chairs for this event. Our elderly were very happy to sit down comfortable within the two hours HAPPY ANGEL event which conducted at the void deck. On the next month event, we will not be able to have such chairs again. This is because the Town Council do not allow me to keep these chairs at the void deck corner. For the safety to the residents, I was asked by the two young staffs from the Town Councle to move away the chairs within three days. The Town Council also unable to give me a safe place at the void deck when requested by me.

Thus, most of the elderly will need to stand with their weak legs to attend the HAPPY ANGEL programme next month. I shall shorten the programme if there are no other better choice.

I also seek the staff (MS Seah) of the Town Council to support this programme by provide the electricity to enable me to use power point and sound system for more add valude programme for the elderly.

I am now using a simple protable batteries sound system for my HAPPY ANGEL CLASSROOM. I believe with the electricity provided by the Town Council, it will benefit the 220 elderly who stay in the one room rental flats. It certainly cheer them up to reduce dementia.

Sincerly, I hope the Tanjong Pagar Town Council can support the HAPPY ANGEL ELDERLY PROGRAMME at Blk123 Bukit Merah View by doing the following things:

*1) To provide free electricity use for HAPPY ANGEL monthly void deck programme.

2) To build more table and chairs at the void deck so that the elderly can come down to the void deck to relax and chating anytime. Let the elderly walk out from their house. (Reasons : Although there is a SAC at the end of the block now, but this block is a very long block. There are a lots of elderly staying in this block. The SAC close at about 5pm. A seniors corner at the Centre of this block is much needed. Rencently there were some decomposed bodies found in this block within a month. Last week there were two old elderly fall and hurt badly in their house and were found by the volunteers and sent to the hospital immediately. If not there were be another two more decompose bodies. If without the HAPPY ANGEL void deck events and Networking with the SAC-Thong Kheng, we will not be able to know the elderly better and give them a helping hand when they are  in need.)

Voices of volunteers:

So happy to see the elderly are so nice and so warmth to welcom us. They seem to be very happy. As long as they are happy, we feel very happy too. All of them  happy and become happy angel. Yes! this is a HAPPY ANGEL programme, we want everyone to become a happy angel. Cheeers!



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