Posted by: happyangelclub | 一月 11, 2010

《企业亲家庭委员会》– Pro-Family Business Council

Today (11/1/2010) morning TV8 Chinese programme 《早安你好》interviewed 3 ladies. One of them is Zhang Qi Er. She is the chairman of the  (Pro-Family Business Council)– 《企业亲家庭委员会主席》张齐儿女士。

One is the Radio DJ Wang Li Zhen-汪丽珍

One is the staff from sentosa under  seaworld.

Three of them spoke well and input good ideas to help the entrepreneurs to create more handicap friendly facilities for our society with the govt.’s funds of $50,000.00

I am glad to learn that the govt.’s funds for this project had increased from $30,000.00 to $50,000.00  so as to provide some special facilities for the children.

I am glad that both three interviewers also care for the need of the elderly and disable people.

〉〉Zhang qi er said : we just need a heart to do more 我们需要用《心》去做。。。。。。

〉〉Wang Li Zhen said : put ourselves to other person’s shoe (设身处地)and we will know the actual difficulties that the disable people need.

YES! work with Heart and put ourselves to other people need are the two important keys to achieve this project and help Singapore to become a handicap friendly place.









  1. Dear Jane,

    Thank you for your posting.

    We have kept the relevant agency informed of your feedback. Please note that the need for a reply is assessed by the respective agency concerned and they will revert, where necessary.

    Ling (REACH Admin)


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