Posted by: happyangelclub | 二月 18, 2010

CNY Eve: He drank the soup which left on the tables by others / 吃残羹的老人家

On 12/2/10 one day before the Chinese New Year eve while most of the people maybe having special meals at home with their families members.I saw two old people walking around one table by one table at the HDB food court. Why???

They were there looking for left over food. When some people left the tables.They quickly went near to the tables and drank the soup which left on the tables.

What is your feeling when seeing the action of these two elderly?




From  YP’s  facebook :

Young PAP Being poor is not “your own fault” in Singapore. We believe in promoting independence and dignity rather than dependency. We cherish the value of family and sustainable social security. Hear us and read our point of view in response to “The Stingy Nanny” (by The Economist Online) on our Notes page and YP website!

Mr Tan before we teach them how to fish, we should remember to feed them with fish as they could be starving. If that bit cannot be done, we will lose them before you can teach them.
being poor is not everybody’s fault. it’s own fate to blame.
but the govt still have to help the poor and make sure they don’t suffer in own motherland since their ancestors also help to build up singapore.


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