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Who care for her?? 92岁的拾荒长者-The story of a 92 year old scavenger.

By Jane Lim- 作者:林宝珠

On February 19th 2010, I received an e-mail concerning an appeal for assistance from a kind-hearted person, and was informed of the misfortune of a 92 year old lady.

Upon receiving the email, I wrote to the CDC, and received a quick response. Mr. Ng, a worker at the CDC promised me that he would send social workers to investigate and offer to this elderly person the necessary assistance. Upon hearing this, I was very relieved.  I told Mr. Ng at the time that we would separately follow our own procedures to visit the family of this lady, and then come together to discuss how to provide her with the most timely and effective assistance.

Usually after I have referred cases to the CDC, I will not interfere with their professional duties. This is because I believe in and respect their work, and I should not influence their duties. Only in the event of unusual circumstances will I step in.

On March 28th 2010, the kind-hearted person wrote to me again, and asked if the social worker had already provided the elderly lady with the requisite assistance. He said that he saw her picking cardboard off the streets like before,  and staring at food on coffeeshop tables with a starving look on her face.

As such, I decided to investigate further.

After I had repeatedly investigated and clarified matters, I confirmed that the kind-hearted person was telling the truth. After I have making inquiries again, and seeking to understand the situation from the elderly lady’s neighbours who knew her, I ascertained that the most pressing assistance that the service privder could render, was to provider her with three warm meals a day, so that she would not be up till the wee hours of the morning picking cardboard.

This frail 92 year old lady is staying with a 50 year old child, who has schizophrenia. She is already so old, but yet she plies the crowded streets of Singapore daily in search of cardboard to support herself. One day, she fainted on the road and was saved by the kind-hearted person and his friend. These two kind people stay near her, and when they see her in such a pitiful state each day, they will sometimes dig into their pockets to buy her some food to eat.

This case progressed very slowly, because complications arose in the process of handling the case. The biggest of these complications was that there was a huge difference between what the kind people, her neighbours, and myself observed, and the report made by the social workers. I witnessed this lady and her daughter arguing heatedly; I also thrice witnessed an elderly man (her neighbour) shed tears while confronting the daughter about her conduct. This schizophrenic child is like a bomb that can go off at any moment.

On the evening of April 17th, 2010, I brought rice, canned food, and dinner to this elderly person, and met her at the void deck. I saw that she held some cardboard in her hand, and I asked her why she didn’t use her hand trolley. She replied sadly to me that her hand trolley had been stolen by other people.

When I entered her house, I headed to the back of her kitchen and found that her refrigerator was spoilt. She said that she had no money to fix the refrigerator. When I opened the refrigerator, it only contained eggs. When I looked at her table, I saw that there was no food, and I asked her what she had eaten for lunch. She said that the church had given her food to eat. I next opened her rice cooker and a stench arose from the rice cooker. Ah! The rice cooker contained porridge that had gone bad! I asked her who had cooked it and when? She said that she had made it herself the day before.

Before this, her child had told me that she would cook for her mother every day. Before this, her neighbours had told me that this old lady was very pitiful and that they were afraid that she was being ill-treated…

Looking at this pot of porridge that had gone bad, and the apartment that was a state of disorder and without any food, my heart began to “go bad” as well. Who can really understand and help her?

Before I left, the old lady entreated me again to help her daughter find a job.

I thought to myself that mothers always love and protect their children, and are always concerned for them. Even if they do not have three meals to eat a day, their children’s welfare and security is even more important.
















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