Posted by: happyangelclub | 五月 11, 2010

Happy Angel-Yuhua-7-5-2010

By Jane Lim- 作者:林宝珠










It has been a while since I was invited to host Yuhua’s “Happy Angel” senior citizens workshop. I was encouraged to see that the friendship and cohesion among the elderly participants had further deepened.

Every meeting is unforgettably full of warmth.

Someone had voluntarily cooked a delicious meal to share with everyone; another person voluntarily shared his lifetime of experience with others; yet another person voluntarily gave support and comforted another club member when that member was in difficulties. This is how everyone grew, through mutual care and support.

Today, 75 year old Madam Lu told us that the next month’s gathering is to be her final gathering, because she is about to return to her home country. She recalled how when her husband of fifty years married with her had passed away three years ago, she was devastated, and spent all day weeping in her room, without any intention of going out. Her filial children were concerned that if this went on, she would become depressed. Therefore, they brought her to Singapore and let her participate in community activities.

I remember that when I met her for the first time, she was extremely grieved at the mention of her late husband. After participating a few times in the club’s activities, she gained everyone’s support and affirmation, and began to learn how to let go of her grief and forge onward.

Today, she entreated me to take a few photographs with her for memory’s sake, so that should bring these photographs back to her hometown. She said that when she thinks of us in the future, she will take these photographs out to have a look. We took a few comical photographs, so that these photographs would be an alternative keepsake for her.

She said that she was reluctant to part from everyone. Especially during the days that she had known the group, everyone had been understanding towards her, and had demonstrated much love towards her, allowing her to gain a lot of happiness. I told her in reply that with the advancements in technology, she could be in a foreign land but still keep in touch by accessing the “Happy Angel Club” website with her children’s assistance; she could view the reports on club activities and keep in contact with the club.

I gave my name card to her, so that she could contact us more easily in the future. I also exhorted her to bring the experience that she had garnered during her time with the club, and share this experience with her friends and family, so that more people in different places around the world could become “happy angels” as well.

I sincerely wish Madam Lu all the best, and may she find her own joy in her hometown!



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