Posted by: happyangelclub | 十一月 15, 2010

Inspiration-13Nov2010- Project BMV123

Sponsor by :

Tan’s family & friends

Voices from Jane:

Firstly, I would like to thanks all the parents of these volunteers. This is because you are a great and wonderful parents who inspired your children to be so patient and caring to the needy people in our society.

I am really glad to see more young volunteers come to help with our elderly programme. One of the volunteer even want to start another new project at other places. Today, all of us cheer for this volunteer for her  to lead her team-CH Family to serve more elderly who are in need at Jalan kukoh on 27-11-2010.

The inspiration power can be happened anytime. Everyone can be the person to inspire others and create a caring society with love and peace.

Lastly, thanks to all kind donors and volunteers for your generous donations and great help.






Video :

Thanks volunteer-EY who sponsored this karaoke system :



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