Posted by: happyangelclub | 十一月 29, 2010

New Project-Jalan Kukoh(Blk2/3)-27-11-2010

Thanks to Jalan Kukoh RC (Blk8) to provide all the necessary support to this Happy Angel Seniors programme.

Sponsored by :

*Mr.Chang- Hong Bao (Red Package)

*Kaiser Pharmaceutical (Singapore) Pte Ltd港香兰药业(新加坡)有限公司- Plasters

*kind donor / Coffee Adeline Cafe–Coffee & Milo

*Kind donor /Soon Lee Peranakan Curry Food- breakfast(猪肠粉)

*Volunteers–biscuits, food and gifts

Thanks to all kind donors ,volunteers and active helpers for your generous donations and great help. Greatly appreciated it.  I believed all of you must be very happy when seeing so many smiling faces from the below videos and photos.

Can you find Mdm Lam who is 93 years old was laughing happily in the picture? Can you find a White t-shirt lady shared to us that this was her first time singing on stage together with our active helper.

Let’s continue to cheer up these elderly. 感谢所有善心人士和义工们的协助,让这个快乐天使活动顺利在惹兰固哥开展,我相信,当您从以下的照片和视频中,看到写在长者们脸上的笑容时,您一定感到非常开心. 让我们继续为这些长者们喝彩吧!

Please click on the below  picture  to feel the happiness with us.



  1. Thanks for the website. It allows others to enjoy the fellowship, good will and joy displayed amongst everybody in Singapore. I am viewing from Saudi Arabia.

    Enjoyable to see the volunteers having as much fun as the elderly.

    • Thanks Ken ken’s comment from Saudi Arabia. Greatly appreciate it.

      You may want to click on the right Links to view more videos :

      # HappyAngel Videos 1 (快乐天使录像一)
      # HappyAngel Videos 2(快乐天使录像二)


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