Posted by: happyangelclub | 十二月 13, 2010

11Dec2010- Project BMV123

Thanks to all kind donors and volunteers for your generous donations and great help.

在热情的义工们和活跃乐龄长者的带领之下,有几位长者是第一次拿起麦克风站出来唱歌,还有93岁的长者给我们唱客家山歌呢! 您看到了96岁阿婆开心的笑容了吗? 大家可从以下的照片和视频,感受<快乐天使>之乐哦!

Let’s share the <Happy Angel> happiness together! From the below photos and videos, can you find the smiling face of a 96 years old elderly? Can you hear the Hakka song of a 93 years old elderly? There are some elderly first time came out to sing with our active seniors helper and volunteers.

Sponsor by :

*Kaiser Pharmaceutical (Singapore) Pte Ltd港香兰药业(新加坡)有限公司:

Mdm Lim EW:

Tan’s family & friends:

Video: Please click on the below  picture  to feel the happiness with us.
视频: 请点击下图和我们一起欢乐其中吧:




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