Posted by: happyangelclub | 十二月 20, 2010

Dream Potter-梦*窑匠 :TV8 Every Monday 8pm

On 19 December 2010, the production team of ¨Dream Potter¨organized a charity sale at the second floor function hall of the Toa Payoh Community Centre. The money that they rasied was given to the needy.

Blind Madam Choy excitedly told me that ¨ I´m very happy; the fifty pearl baskets were snapped up by kind hearted people. You cannot imagine how happy I was; when I think of how the money can be a help to single mother Madam Wong with five children, I am unbearably happy. I don´t need to eat today; I´m happy to the extent that I don´t feel hungry.¨

The Dream Potters are fulfilling the dreams for the needy, and these needy individuals are in turn helping others fulfill their needs. Just like that, everyone has become a Dream Potter – fulfilling the dreams of others, and realizing their self-worth.

Press on, Dream Potters!


盲眼的蔡婆婆兴奋地对我说:”我很高兴,我做的50个珠篮子一下子都被好心人买完了,你知道我有多开心吗?我一想到那些钱可以帮助那个有5个小孩的单亲妈妈黄女士, 我就高兴得不得了.我今天不必吃饭了,我高兴得不感觉肚子饿.”

窑匠们在帮助有需要的人圆梦,而这些有需要者也在替别人圆梦. 一时间,大家都成了窑匠,圆了他人的梦,也看到了个人的价值.




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