Posted by: happyangelclub | 十二月 20, 2010

Dream Potter-梦*窑匠 :TV8 Every Monday 8pm

2010年12月6日,星期一晚上,我送奶粉和圣诞礼物给寡妇黄女士的5个小孩,黄女士一面忙着做家庭手工,一面在看第八波道的电视节目《梦,窑匠》,她一看到我来了,马上对我说:“你看,你看,这个小女孩很可怜,真的好可怜,这个节目我每次都看,每个人都很惨,本来我以为自己很惨了,没想到别人比我更惨。” 我想对该节目制作人说,某些人从这个节目中达到了《比惨》的正面激励作用,也感受到了社会人士的关爱,往后将能更坚强去面对他们的人生。《梦,窑匠》,是一个优质的人文关怀节目,我为这个制作团队和所有参与者喝采加油!谢谢你们.

On 6 December 2010 (a Monday night), I sent milk powder and Christmas gifts to the widow Madam Wong, who has five children; Madam Wong was busy with handicraft while she watched Channel 8´s ¨Dream Potters¨. When she saw me arrive, she quickly said to me ¨Look! Look! This young girl is so pitiful; every time I see this programme, everyone seems so tragic. Though I orginally felt sorry for myself, I never thought that other people would be in an even more unfortunate position than me.¨ I wanted let the producers of these show know that there are those who compare their plights to the contents of the show, and from there derive encouragement. From this show, these individuals realize that there are those in society who care, and from there they gain the courage to persevere in their lives. ¨Dream Potter¨ is a show that beautifully testifies to the compassion of the human spirit; I exhort the production team and all those who have contributed to the making of this show to greater efforts!

Thank you all.



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