Posted by: happyangelclub | 二月 14, 2011

12 FEB 2011- CNY BMV123

Thanks to all kind donors ,volunteers and active helpers for your generous donations and great help.

Sponsored by :

* Friends and Volunteers of Drukpa Singapore –

( Foods and CNY red package- 红包)

*Chop Nam Huat (CNY Yu Sheng 鱼生)

I would like to share with everyone my yusheng experience, and I welcome everyone to enjoy this experience as I have.

This year, as usual there was a good hearted person who sponsored yusheng for 400 elderly residents who were living in one-room rental flats. Our yusheng is free. I let the elderly people toss yusheng at the void deck of the flat, in order that they might conveniently come down to the void deck, and have the opportunity to join in the fun of tossing yusheng. Some of these elderly residents who live alone might never have had the chance to toss yusheng. Naturally, many of them have not had the chance to toss yusheng  in a high-class restaurant, or on the Singapore Flyer.

The fun of tossing yusheng is not connected to the location or the money, but in every single person’s heart there is a simple wish: Prosperity! Good health! Beauty!

Please click on the following video to view the joy that tossing yusheng has brought to these elderly.



捞鱼生的乐趣,不在于地点和金钱,而在于每个人心中一个简简单单的祝福: 发啊!健康啊!美丽啊!!!!!!!!!!!

请点击下列视频, 观赏这些乐龄人士的捞鱼生乐:

Photos (Double click on it to enlarge for better viewing):



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