Posted by: happyangelclub | 三月 22, 2011

寸步难行的长者:以婴儿推车当扶手(18-3-2011 晚上在如切路– At Joo Chiat)

The elderly who have difficulty walking: using prams as handholds



  1. Looks like she doesn’t know that one has to push the lift call button. Also, if the young couple didn’t turn up, will the lift door slam on this poor lady?
    Looks like a re-design of the lift process is required… how to prolong the door from closing on her if someone on the upper floor requested for lift while she is moving SLOWLY in or out?
    Is there a better tool than the free but clumsy pram?

    Jane, keep it up.

  2. Thanks chew for your care and concern for our needy elderly for the safety using of the lift.

    I shall put your copy your comment to REACH for HDB to look into your suggestion.

  3. Copy from REACH :

    REACH Administrator
    18 May 2011, 4.31PM
    Dear Jane

    Thank you for your posting.

    We have kept the relevant agency informed of your feedback. Please note that the need for a reply is assessed by the respective agency concerned and they will follow up directly with the relevant parties, where necessary.

    Ling (REACH Administrator)


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