Posted by: happyangelclub | 四月 25, 2011

25-4-2011-Latest Proposal of elderly new living concept

There have been a significant number of cases involving elderly people dying alone in their apartments, without anyone noticing this tragedy. Our volunteer Eddy Yap specially came up with a blueprint of how the elderly can live safely in their apartments, thereby minimizing the chances of such a tragedy repeating itself, and at the same time allowing elderly people to have more chances for interaction, ensure that they stay mentally active, and share happy moments in their twilight years.

This blueprint has already been presented to the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Community Development, Youth, and Sports on 31-3-2011 for their research and consideration.

We welcome everyone to contribute their opinions. Thank you!

有感独居老人臭死屋内无人知晓的事件层出不穷,我们的义工 Eddy Yap 特此绘出了一个供长者们安居的住屋蓝图,以减少这类悲剧继续发生,同时也让长者们之间有更多交流的机会,保持脑筋灵活,共享灿烂欢愉的晚年生活.



Pls click here to view the blueprint and more discussion :



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