Posted by: happyangelclub | 九月 18, 2011

17 Sept 2011- BMV123/117

Thanks to all kind donors ,volunteers and active helpers for your generous donations and great help.

Sponsored by :

* Friends and Volunteers of Drukpa Singapore –

小孩很快会长大, 将来,他们也可能是社会中的精英分子,如果有机会让他们再到这个网站来看一看他们儿时的助人风采,那又是怎样的一种感觉呢?


感谢您! 孩子们和你们的父母.要继续加油哦!把心中的爱继续传播下去.

Children grow up really quickly, in the future, they might be the elite of society. If there is a chance for them to visit this website again to see the ways in which they helped people when they were younger, what sort of feelings would that evoke?Every small gesture and guidance from parents helps to motivate the compassion of their children. In doing so, they help children develop strong character, and help create more pillars of our society that know how to care for others.

Thank you! Children and your parents, you must continue putting in effort! Do continue sharing the love that is in your hearts.



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