Posted by: happyangelclub | 五月 3, 2012

Congratulation to Eddy Yap

Let’s congratulate and cheer for our volunteer Mr Eddy Yap who received the outstanding contributor award in recognition of his active and constructive feedback to REACH



Honouring active contributors (1 May 2012)

REACH Media Release on Contributors’ Forum 2012 [web]

Issued by
2 May 2012


Mr Yap Tze Kiat Eddy, 48, Purchasing Officer
Mr Eddy Yap, or more affectionately known as „GuardianAngel’ on the REACH Discussion Forum, has been a REACH Member since 2009.
In the last two years, he has been a very active contributor who has shared close to 1,000 posts, one of the highest on the REACH Discussion Forum, earning him the status of a Guru on the Forum.
Mr Yap‟s comments on the Discussion Forum are genuinely expressed, often with a sense of humour, but always a catalyst for many insightful discussions online.
He is seen as a opinion leader amongst other contributors on the REACH Discussion Forum, often engaging other forumers and steering the discussion towards a more moderate and considerate stance.
As an indication of support to his feedback, Mr Yap has garnered more than 400 „likes‟ to various comments and feedback from other contributors. In a recent thread started by contributors on their favourite forummers, GuardianAngel was mentioned as one of their forummers of choice.
He regularly starts discussion threads on various community-related issues, especially on improvements to make Singapore a better home. A recent example of Mr Yap‟s suggestion was for Singaporeans to be more aware of the importance of maintaining racial harmony. He called for Singaporeans to recognise our unique multi-racial society which he believes is a factor in building up the nation‟s resilience.
He has also made many suggestions to encourage more Singaporeans and REACH contributors to come forward and participate in giving their views in shaping Singapore.
Other topics close to his heart include the plight of our ageing Singaporeans, and what more can be done to support our seniors through revised housing and healthcare policies. Always with a sense of wit, Mr Yap has a knack for injecting humour in many of his feedback and posts.



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