Posted by: happyangelclub | 五月 29, 2012

My Posting on PM’s Lee Facebook on 22 May 2012 (no any response yet) :

Jane Lim : ‎19-5-2012 2.30pm-4.30pm, 我和义工们在Hougang Blk2 楼下办活动,这是一个由义工和善心人士自己发起的独立活动, 取名快乐天使,是因为我希望看到来参与活动的老人家,都能够像快乐天使一样,那么,在他们回去之后,也把快乐带给家人,邻居或朋友,让全新加坡的老人家都成为快乐天使,到时候,我们高兴看到快乐天使满街是……而不是一再听到老人家说:我老了,没有用了……..

On 19-5-2012 2.30pm-4.30pm, my volunteers and me were conducting our Elderly program at Blk 2 Hougang void deck. This is an independent program which is form by a group of independ volunteers and donners named as HappyAngel. My purpose of having this program is to see the elderly feel like an happy angel and when they back home will relate the happiness to others around them, let every elderly in Singapore can live like an happy angel. Finally, we will see the Happy angel all among us in the whole of Singapore and is not just listen to the elderly keep saying : I am old , I am useless…….

总理当天于4点左右突然驾到活动会场,受到老人家热烈欢迎,总理也的确笑容可掬,和蔼亲切.我乐见这温馨的一幕.可是,隔天早报的错误报导,令我很惊讶,致电向记者查问之后,让我更惊讶的是,原来是有后港基层人员打电话要报馆刊登那句错误的话. 我相信总理并不知道后港基层的这个举动,烦请总理明查.

On around 4pm that day, the sudden arrival of our Prime Minster at our  program was welcome by a group of the elderly during that time, our PM is gentle with smile with all the elderly there, the atmosphere was so warm at the stage of his arrival, but on the next day, LianHe Zao Bao had a wrongly published which caused a miss leading report which lead me to a shock and called up the publisher to question about the publishing on the paper, to my surprise is that there is some one from the grassroot who had called to the publisher to add in the wrongly publishing sentence to miss lead the readers, I beleived our PM is not awared of this act from the grassroot and hope the PM will investigate on this matter. Police Report No. A/20120523/2006
Translated by :  Eddy Yap


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