Posted by: happyangelclub | 六月 2, 2012

Update : Police Report No. A/20120523/2006



2012年6月3日, 早报刊出有关更正。
Dear All,
Thank you all for your concern on this matter!
ZaoBao is willing to make a correction and apology on the error report I mentioned.
Zaobao  had published  about the corrections on 3-6-2012.


  1. Finally indeed, but why do they have to go through all the denial process, skirt the issues totally, and even REACH to take out the posting you’ve made? This shows clearly the media and the government are going in cahoots!

    Also, why no response from Desmond Choo, isn’t this an issue involving him and his grassroot organization, sinced the one who had make the despicable lies was his very own grassroots people!


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