Posted by: happyangelclub | 六月 28, 2012

Message from Jane

Dear Donors / Volunteers & active helpers,

Sincere thanks to all of your efforts in supporting and offering which allows the elderly continue to stay active and happy in their golden life. Our Mobile Seniors Programme < HAPPY ANGEL> is acknowledged by the public and the Media. One of our 75 years old active Senior Mr.Chen Chuan’s Media interview will be telecast on  29-6-2012 at 2pm-2.30pm on Channel 8. The re-telecast on 30-6-2012 12.30pm-1pm.

We wish everyone can stay as young and happy as Mr.Chen.



感谢您的支持与付出,让我们的乐龄朋友们继续保持活跃.因为有您的参与,我们的流动乐龄活动<快乐天使>,备受公众和媒体的肯定,请勿错过我们的75岁陈川先生的电视访谈—-第八波道的<黄金年华之光辉岁月>,  29-6-2012  2pm-2.30pm , 重播时间是30-6-2012 12.30pm-1pm.






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