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After posting my article “Class C Ward daily charges of $35 vs Bed Sore Mattress rental cost of $10 per day” on the internet, it received much attention and overwhelmed response from netizens. Several Chinese and English newspapers wrote to me that they wished to report on this issue. KTPH had also replied that they would investigate this matter.

I appreciate the enthusiastic sharing by netizens. Several years ago I attended a course by NCSS on caring of elderly persons. During the course the instructor showed us numerous photos of Bedsore ulcers. All participants were traumatized then. The instructor highlighted that “Should there be cases of bedsore ulcers in any hospital, the medical personnel would be required to report them to the Ministry of Health”. This simply means our Ministry of Health is very concerned about cases of bedsore ulcers.

Since bedsore ulcer cases need attention, wouldn’t prevention be better than cure? The hospitals could have included the use of cost-effective bedsore mattress in the daily ward charges and not by renting them to patients at the fees of $10 per day. They could also have let the patients’ family members know where to buy cheaper bedsore mattresses. This would have let the patients saved unnecessary expenses and let such cost-effective special mattresses be widely used. Costly rental fees and price tags will only add on the burden to patients and their family members, and keep those needy ones at bay.

 The following photos may be graphic and cause discomfort to you, but I need to catch your attention about bedsore ulcers. I wish to thank the son of Mr Tan mentioned in my article, who took the 2 photos of his father’s bedsore ulcers for discussion in this article.

 (By Jane Lim 2-1-2013 )

我的文章《C级病房每天费用35元/ 防褥疮床褥每天租金10元》于25-12-2012在网上发表之后,得到网民的关注与回应,中、英报章的记者也来函要报导此事;邱德拔医院也回信说会就此事展开调查。


既 然褥疮问题值得关注,那么,预防胜于治疗是否更迫切?医院是否该把防褥疮床垫,以经济的费用,纳入住院配套内?而不是以每天10元的租费来计算?又或是应 该让病人和家属知道,何处可购买较便宜的防褥疮床垫?让病人可省下开销,也让这种特别的床垫,可以被普及化使用。昂贵的租费和昂贵的购买费,只有加重病患和家属的负担,更让有需要使用者却步。


DSC02122-1  DSC02123-1

(文:林宝珠 Jane Lim 2-1-2013



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