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Sharing with you : 一家5口患病,月入700元养家 /A family of five who are sick, raising a family with a monthly income of S$700.

感谢大家对这个家庭的关心。刚刚向义工朋友Eddy Yap查证了,我们每次做完(快乐天使)乐龄活动的罐头和米粮,都有分发给这个家庭,过年也有送上柑橘和祝福红包。事源Eddy告诉我,他的84岁妈妈对他说,楼下的扫地大叔的孩子还小,工资也不多,问说可否给他们米糧?我乐见这位84岁的女士还如此活跃并关心他人,这位女士也告知说其邻居也需要协助。所以,我们每个月将一些米粮放在这位84岁女士的家,请她联络郑先生到她家来领取。现在看到新明日报的报导,对郑先生一家有更多的了解,这个家庭的确需要协助。郑先生对记者说:’有时没钱买菜,就靠福利团体提供的罐头过活。”。。。。。读到这里,我的眼睛湿了,我庆幸之前的决定是对的。我也感谢善心人对我的信任,总是定多一些米粮,让我能够自由分配。前阵子,我看到一个小男孩在帮他爸爸,一起在楼下扫地,我想,84岁女士说的就是他吧,我静静在一边,没去打扰他们。今后,还是会继请这位84岁的 王女士,把善心人的米粮和祝福传送给这个家庭。

By Jane Lim / Translated by Francis Goh

  • 1-6-2013

Dear All ,

Thank you for your concern about this family. I have just checked with our volunteer Eddy Yap, and confirmed that each time after our (Happy Angel) elderly activities, canned food and rice are distributed to the family. During Chinese New Year they were also given oranges and blessing red packets. It started one year ago when Eddy told me that his 84-year-old mother said to him that the Uncle working downstairs who works as a cleaner has three children who are still very young, and he earns very little wages. She asked if we could give them rice? I am glad to see the 84-year-old woman being active at this age and caring for others. The lady also mentioned that their neighbours need help too. So every month we leave some rice and canned food in the 84-year-old lady’s house for her to contact Mr. Tay to collect. Now that I have read Shin Min Daily News reports, I understand that Mr Tay’s family really does need help. Tay told reporters: ‘Sometimes no money to buy food, we depend on canned food from welfare groups to live… “…. my eyes were wet upon reading these, I am glad that my decision was right and I thank the kind-hearted people who trust me, always contribute more rice and canned food for me to distribute with my own discretion. Recently I saw a little boy sweeping the floor downstairs together with his Father. I thought this was the case the 84 years old lady was referring to. I stayed quietly aside and did not bother them. I will continue to request the 84-year-old lady Mdm Heng to send rice , canned food and blessing red package contributed by kind-hearted people to this family.


10-year old filial daughter accompanies her Father Zheng Qingliang who is in his sixties and sick, as cleaner. Every Saturday morning wakes up at 5:30am to help clean the HDB neighbourhood area. They are a family of five who are mostly sick, depending solely on S$700 earned by Zheng Qingliang. Northeast Community Development Board started to help Zheng Qingliang’s family two years ago, by paying their monthly rental fees and some utilities, and also give him S$300 as relief.( Translated by Francis Goh from Shin Min Daily News 24-5-2013)




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