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6-9-2013 教师节

Wishing all teachers a Happy Teachers Day. I refer to all teachers, including special education teachers. You have worked hard, and really not easy!

Borrowing the well wishing post by our Prime Minister on Teachers’ Day, I wish to plead on behalf of kids that need special education and their parents, to accelerate the implementation of disability care and to accelerate the training of special education teachers. Let their parents and caregivers to have the opportunity to take a breath of relief, and let the children continue to learn and grow.

The Government plans to incorporate disability care in Elderly care Centre is right. it would enable elders and kids to make friends through the activities. This will help them in the psychological aspects.I recommend that the Government consider using the country’s more than 500 RCs’ space to establish more disability care centres, with the existing hardware to be able to make the service faster and universal. This will shorten the waiting list and reflect the warmth nature of our society.

Also, there is a need to arrange for counselors from other family service centres and counseling centres to regularly organise parent / teacher support group for those teachers and parents / caregivers. This is necessary because studies have shown that about half of the caregivers will get depression. Let us combine the Government’s hardware resources and care allowance, with the expertise of counselors, to give these disabled children and their parents, deepest and most practical care.

祝福所有老师们教师节愉快, 我这里指的所有老师,包括特殊教育的老师们,你们辛苦了,真不容易啊!

借着总理在面簿发了一贴祝福教师节愉快的贴, 我在此为特殊教育的孩子们和其父母请命, 加速推行残疾托管, 加速培训特殊教育老师, 让那些父母看护者有喘口气的机会,也让孩子们继续学习和成长。政府计划在乐龄中心推广残疾托管的计划是对的, 还可让中心的长者们和这些孩子们进行忘年交的活动, 对彼此的的心理层面都有帮助。

建议政府也考虑利用全国五百多间RC的活动空间,及早设立更多残疾托管中心, 借助现有的硬件, 才能够让这一服务更快普及化,才能够缩短等候名单,才能够体现温馨社会的本质。另,也安排其他家庭服务中心和辅导中心的辅导员,定期在每一所残疾托管中心,给那些老师和家长看护者举办家长/教师互助团体,这是必要的,因为有研究显示, 有半数的看护者会得忧郁症。让我们结合政府的各方硬件资源和托管费津贴,再结合辅导员的专业知识,给予这些残疾孩子们和其家长, 最深切而最实际的关爱。

By Jane Lim (写于总理的面簿) 6-9-2013

Translated by Francis Goh





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