Posted by: happyangelclub | 九月 29, 2013

28-9-2013- Hougang Blk2 (15) 第15次

Thank to all kind donors ,volunteers and active helpers for your generous donations and great help.

Sponsored by :

* Mr.Lim CF & friends (all food /a washing machine to needy family-Mr.Tay)

* Mr. SIN & Family (85 pkgs of Nasi Lemak / Medicated oil & Plaster / canned food/cereal/coffee)

* Ong Pay Ing ( 85pkg of 1kg fragrant rice )

* Eddy Yap  (  Hong Bao- Blessing red package @$4 x 85)

* Mr.Chang/Ms Ng/Ms J Tan/ Linda Khoo/ Tan , Lau  family & friends (Balances of food from Jalan kukoh & Bukit Merah)

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