Posted by: happyangelclub | 十一月 28, 2013

23-11-2013-Jalan Kukoh-(32) : 第32次

Thanks to Jalan Kukoh RC (Blk8) to provide all the necessary support to this Happy Angel Seniors programme.Thanks to all kind donors ,volunteers and active helpers for your generous donations and great help.Sponsored by :

*Mr.Chang ((All food))

*Mr.Poh ( Malay rice-Nasi Lemak)

* Ms Ng & Ms J Tan ( Oats, Tuna)

* Juli (LB Creations) / Linda / Ms Ng ( 100 boxes of cake)

*Medicated plasters ( Ryan / Chloe )

*Eddy Yap  ( Hong Bao- Blessing  red package @ $4 x 70)

* Lintex International Co PTE LTD (Socks)

感谢年轻义工们的参与,你们为长者们带来了青春活力。Specially thanks to our young volunteers for your great support.




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