Dream Potter-梦*窑匠(盲眼婆婆的故事)

7-3-2011 : The New Paper :

晚报26-2-2011 第9版:

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Singapore is truly blessed to have such a great lady; she never bowed to the vagaries of life; her story has touched the lives of many. I have collected all of the articles and recordings related to her; everyone is welcome to view them, that her life lessons may come alive.


On 19 December 2010, the production team of ¨Dream Potter¨organized a charity sale at the second floor function hall of the Toa Payoh Community Centre. The money that they rasied was given to the needy.

Blind Madam Choy excitedly told me that ¨ I´m very happy; the fifty pearl baskets were snapped up by kind hearted people. You cannot imagine how happy I was; when I think of how the money can be a help to single mother Madam Wong with five children, I am unbearably happy. I don´t need to eat today; I´m happy to the extent that I don´t feel hungry.¨

The Dream Potters are fulfilling the dreams for the needy, and these needy individuals are in turn helping others fulfill their needs. Just like that, everyone has become a Dream Potter – fulfilling the dreams of others, and realizing their self-worth.

Press on, Dream Potters!


盲眼的蔡婆婆兴奋地对我说:”我很高兴,我做的50个珠篮子一下子都被好心人买完了,你知道我有多开心吗?我一想到那些钱可以帮助那个有5个小孩的单亲妈妈黄女士, 我就高兴得不得了.我今天不必吃饭了,我高兴得不感觉肚子饿.”

窑匠们在帮助有需要的人圆梦,而这些有需要者也在替别人圆梦. 一时间,大家都成了窑匠,圆了他人的梦,也看到了个人的价值.


==================================================== 2010 年12月6日,星期一晚上,我送奶粉和圣诞礼物给寡妇黄女士的5个小孩,黄女士一面忙着做家庭手工,一面在看第八波道的电视节目《梦,窑匠》,她一看到我 来了,马上对我说:“你看,你看,这个小女孩很可怜,真的好可怜,这个节目我每次都看,每个人都很惨,本来我以为自己很惨了,没想到别人比我更惨。” 我想对该节目制作人说,某些人从这个节目中达到了《比惨》的正面激励作用,也感受到了社会人士的关爱,往后将能更坚强去面对他们的人生。《梦,窑匠》,是 一个优质的人文关怀节目,我为这个制作团队和所有参与者喝采加油!谢谢你们.

On 6 December 2010 (a Monday night), I sent milk powder and Christmas gifts to the widow Madam Wong, who has five children; Madam Wong was busy with handicraft while she watched Channel 8´s ¨Dream Potters¨. When she saw me arrive, she quickly said to me ¨Look! Look! This young girl is so pitiful; every time I see this programme, everyone seems so tragic. Though I orginally felt sorry for myself, I never thought that other people would be in an even more unfortunate position than me.¨ I wanted let the producers of these show know that there are those who compare their plights to the contents of the show, and from there derive encouragement. From this show, these individuals realize that there are those in society who care, and from there they gain the courage to persevere in their lives. ¨Dream Potter¨ is a show that beautifully testifies to the compassion of the human spirit; I exhort the production team and all those who have contributed to the making of this show to greater efforts!

Thank you all.


红山可怜母子 (27/1/09 新明日报)





Poor family from Red Hill

Reunion dinner for a family of six.

One vege dish and one bowl of soup cost not more than $10.

Mr Lee (Age 41) passed away suddenly in his dream on 28.12.08.

Mrs Lee (Age 38) has 5 children age 1 to 12. No festive mood at home. She got helps from some readers of Shin Min Daily, got through the crisis, she appreciates the help from them.

Mrs Lee made buttons for a living, gets a monthly salary of $500 to feed a family of six. She has applied for welfare aids through CDC, is awaiting for their approval, but she can survive the basic needs.

At Henderson this morning to do some old folks activities, when I distribute the food items, an old lady brought along a child, asked me for an extra packet of rice. She wants to let the child to have it. The old lady told me that the child has 4 brothers at home, their father has passed away.


I gave the old lady the food pack, rice and some red packets, asked her to pass them to this family for me. I copied down the address, handed them my name card and passed the message that I will visit them one of these days.


I have the hobby of newspaper cutting. In my mind, I remembered I have come across this piece of news. When I returned home, I flipped through my newspapers cutting, and I confirmed it is she! When I first know about this family, I feel sorry about their plight, and I hope to get to meet Mrs Lee from my <Happy angel > activity.

今天透过她的邻居而能够将善心人陈小姐和其家族的美意传播给这个有需要的家庭,我内心是无比的高兴。我传简讯给陈小姐,向她禀报。好心的陈小姐,迫不及待 回复:“你快点去拜访她,查看她需要什么?最重要是那个小孩有没有吃足够的奶粉?有没有按时打针?。。。。如果需要,你帮我安排诊疗所给她打针,我转帐进 去医生的户口,如果小孩要玩具或是一些益智游戏也行,让他们玩得聪明点。。。。。。。”

With the help from Mrs Lee’s neighbour, I am able to pass this goodwill gesture of Miss Tan and her family, to Mrs Lee today, I felt very honoured and happy deep inside. I send an SMS to Miss Tan, to report about this. The good Samaritan Miss Tan replied me at once :”Please go pay her a visit quickly, see what she needs? Most importantly, does the child get enough milk powder? Didn’t miss his injection? ….If possible, you help me to arrange a clinic for him to get injection, I will transfer the funds into the doctor’s account. If the children need toys or some ceative games, go ahead to buy them, let them become smarter through games….”


Miss Tan, think of others first whenever whatever. She always touched my heart. Thank you. Miss Tan and also your family.










瞎眼婆婆又说:“我这个邻居很好,会带我上巴杀。 她的一些事情,我也会给她出主意。上次她的老公跌倒在家里,她都不懂该怎么办?我建议让他去看医生,后来医生让他住进了老人院。”




我说:“婆婆好厉害,8岁就会赚钱了,也参与了国家的屋子建设,也许我现在住的屋子,婆婆也有份建筑的哦!所以,您劳动过了,辛苦过了,现在如果有 好心人要来照顾你,你就让他们照顾,让他们爱你吧!不要客气哦!尤其是有学生要来帮你做家务,你可要让他们有机会学习,将来他们才懂得如何照顾自己的家 啊!”






(想知道更多关于瞎眼婆婆的故事,请勿错过23-6-09 晚上十点半第八波道的“不平凡的人”节目。征得瞎眼婆婆的同意,她的照片和手工艺品都上载到《快乐天使》乐龄网站。)


I went with volunteer Xiaoye to visit an 80 year old lady who was blind; the lady takes care of her 84 year old husband (who has dementia) by herself.

At this moment, I’m at a loss as to how I might tell the story of this blind elderly lady. There is a deep sense of respect for her in my heart.

This determined and tenacious lady, in the midst of a dark world, made her own handicrafts in order to support herself and her husband. This lady, with her positive attitude towards life, with her joyous laughter and cheerful conversation, was a motivation to everyone she came into contact with.

I asked her: “What do you want most of all at this point of time? Is there something that you really want to do but have not been able to accomplish?”

She said: “No there isn’t, please don’t waste money buying gifts for me. TOUCH has already sent students to help me mop the floor and bring me food. I merely hope to be healthy, and let the Father take me home to heaven.”

I said: “Aiyo! All of you are fighting to go to heaven! It’s so hard to say who will be the first to go, maybe I will be the one to go first?”

The blind lady continued: “My neighbor is excellent; she will bring me to the market. Occasionally I try to provide with advice and support. One time, her husband had a fall in the house, and she did not know what to do. I suggested that she bring him to see a doctor, and later the doctor admitted him to an old folks home”

Mrs. Tan (her neighbor) responded: “Indeed! My husband is so fat, and has fallen multiple times. She’s also been sick, and I haven’t had the ability to look after him. Luckily, there was an old folks home that was willing to take him in.”

These two elderly look after each other and help each other to stave off loneliness. Their laughter resounded within the confines of this small house.

The blind lady continued laughingly: “When I was 8, I started helping to construct houses in Katong. At that time I was overjoyed because I had just started earning money.”

I replied: “Knowing how to make money at age 8, and participating in the construction of public housing, that’s impressive! Maybe you had a hand in building the flat that I stay in now! You’ve worked hard, and suffered; now if there are people who want to take care of you, you should let them show you some love! Don’t hesitate! Especially if there are students who want to help you with the chores, you should let them have the chance to learn, in order that they will be able to look after their own home in the future!

The lady said: “I did! I often tell those students to study hard, not to be distracted from studies by dating at too young an age (thereby wasting their parents’ money). When they are grown up and have started working, then they can start dating… you know? There are people who, after they have visited me, still bring their children with them. People treat me very well.

I raised my voice in praise of her: “You’re so impressive! Just like a teacher, helping to guide and mentor students, you must continue being a teacher!”

“Aiyo! How could I be qualified to be a teacher! Hahaha!”

Xiaoye and I laughingly bid the lady farewell.

All the best to you! You’re truly contented and yet open-minded at the same time.

(Want to know more about this blind lady? Don’t miss the 10.30 pm episode of “extraordinary people” that was aired on Channel 8 on 23-6-09. Having obtained this lady’s permission, her pictures and handicrafts have been featured on the “Happy Angel” website).


Painting for Blind elderly-Youth Volunteers (青年义工) -Singapore Poly (新加坡理工学院)

Date : 25-7-2009

I was happy to see a group of year one students at the Singapore Polytechnic helping the blind lady to paint her walls. I believe that these students could not help but be moved after having participated in this activity.

If such an act of love might sow seeds of love in the hearts of these students; in the days to come, these seeds of love will be able to continue growing. When that happens, today’s act of love would have a particular meaning. I believe that this is the biggest source of comfort to the blind lady!

Dear students, please remember the beautiful memories today; let them accompany you in your journey through life; let them become lessons in your mind that will lead you to care for others; let them motivate you to have a heart that has compassion for others.

I wish you good health, peace, and success in your studies.


YouTube :









1.   Youth Volunteers (青年义工)1 – Singapore Poly (新加坡理工学院)

2.   Youth Volunteers (青年义工)2 – Singapore Poly (新加坡理工学院)

3.   Youth Volunteers (青年义工)3 – Singapore Poly (新加坡理工学院)

4.  Youth Volunteers (青年义工)4 – Singapore Poly (新加坡理工学院)===================================================



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