Posted by: happyangelclub | 十月 17, 2008

12-10-08 Central Singapore On The Move-Active Aging @ Fort Canning Park






This was a beautiful Sunday morning. There were about 4000 senior citizens from all over the country gathering in Fort Canning Park. This activity for senior citizens was initiated by the Central Singapore CDC. Happy Angel Club was honoured to be invited to perform a 20-minutes opening stage show on that day. This event allowed our seniors who conserved strength and stored up energy all these while to have an opportunity to go up to the stage and share with the guests their secrets of being active. This was really pleasant.

The scene was very lively on that day. Three senior citizens who were more than 70 year-old and the most senior one who was 85 were on the stage, leading thousands of spectators to applaud and cheer with utmost enthusiasm. Below the stage, the senior ones participated positively, concerted with the appeals from those on the stage. They cheered and danced selflessly. They shouted with confidence and danced with enjoyment.

Hail all the Happy Angels!

( Special thanks to Mr Ong who helped with the photography, and Mrs Ong who donated backpacks and handbags to our guests )

 Translated by Francis Goh



  1. Wanderful event… Great photos from Mr. Ong

  2. 谢谢oldman.


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